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Lex Media Group and Learning Fast and Direct...


Here at LearnfastDirect.Net you get exactly what we intend: We're dedicated to learning faster and more effectively - no-one has time to waste We're direct - most of my workshops and those of my accredited trainers are offered through 3rd parties.  Here is your chance to communicate directly with me and the ganglions! And as the 'Ganglion' concept might suggest, we're a 'Network of [people] forming Nerve Centres' all over the World.  You can tap into that network. S...[More]

Virtual Reality


We have spent days moving towards a new way of displaying products.  Can't pretend it's been fun - another example of manufacturers over-promising and phenomenally under-delivering (especially on the 'how to') - but here goes!  You should be able to mouse over the model and turn it to any viewing position of your choice.  Later, I hope to be able to post the Quicktime version that will give you some of the bells and whistles too.  You then will be able to do the following:...[More]

Becca and Kelly's Blog Spot


Dear All This is lifted 'cut-n-paste' style from the Wonderful Kelly and Becca's Blog spot. Not sure all the links will work as well as it does on their blog AND I really think you'd like to subscribe to their blog anyway... so, here's the direct linK: Hey there party people! We are stoked about introducing you to our fantastically humorous and magnificently brilliant new British mate, Lex. We like to call him Lexi- Darling because, well it just sounds so w...[More]

A First for Velux


One of the most important aspects of our mission is to work with In-House Learning and Development specialists to deliver our key content in their own way within their own culture.  Long-term training partners of LearnFast World, Ron Skea and Azmi Basir, delivered the accredited ThinkFast programme to Velux, Scotland.  Here‘s what their participants said... "Without a doubt the most enlightening course I have attended in ages! Thinking fast is what every executive has to d...[More]

Can We Learn Faster yes we can


Can we learn faster? Of course we can! The key concept is 'Natural Learning' - because your brain is 'made' for learning and memorisation.  So why do so many of us have trouble with learning things and memorising them?  Simply because they are so BORING - they don't engage our natural skills in learning and memorisation.  But, hey, reality check here.... life is not always exciting; sometimes we need to learn less than exciting stuff!  Is it possible to make this a pleasure...[More]